Our Services

Land Sale and Purchases

Buying and selling land requires utmost care and access to reliable professional guidance that will ensure proper legal procedures are followed and that due diligence is conducted. Madonna Realtors provides you a complete package of these requirements in order to safeguard your real estate investments.
We help our clients to identify prime property, conduct necessary searches and transfers of the legal documents, prepare price and terms for sale agreements and fulfil stamp and registration requirements with the necessary government offices at ease. We have also acquired prime properties, which we sell to our clients at market friendly prices.

Land Development Consultancy

Developing a land requires creativity, innovativeness, and ensuring that the development is environmentally sustainable. At Madonna Realtors, we offer you professional guidance through the able consultants within our contacts to ensure you adopt an innovative approach to land development thus leading to successful developments that offer you value and are cost effective. Our team also guides you on, and facilitates acquisition of relevant construction approvals from relevant regulatory bodies so that you can execute your development plans efficiently within the required legal framework.

Land Surveying and Sub-division

We engage professional and dedicated surveyors who map out and demarcate land and install beacons where applicable to ensure our investors get a definite piece of land on the ground upon purchase. All the land we sell has been surveyed and well demarcated. We have also ensured all the parcels of land we are selling to you have valid title deeds.

Property Valuation

Madonna Realtors offers a wide range of valuation services that relate to real estate properties. A well-considered market valuation report enables you as a client to make sound decisions on property purchase, selling or renting. We ensure that your real estate investment decisions are in line with the market demands in order to make your investment worthwhile; this we do by providing you with a good property valuation report of the property you’re targeting.


Our properties are in various locations such as Juja, Kitengela, Ruiru, Makuyu, Nakuru, and Kantafu.